Not just for men……


There is a common misconception that the Cock Ring is intended just for men… WRONG! Women this can be just as powerful for you!

Cock rings are made to be worn at the base of a man’s shaft and positioned just by the clitoris to provide stimulation for both and are most effective when used during slow sex, the soft vibrations really add an additional level of stimulation when felt with the textured head made perfectly to enhance your experience.

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Double’s your chances, whats not to like ;)

It does what it says on the tin…. Doubles your chances of hitting that sweet spot, what’s not to like about that!

This Rocks Off Ro-Duet is a marvel, I have seen them all and believe me there are many vibrating egg’s out there that simply don’t cut it but this little beauty out done them all.

While the egg sits inside for internal stimulation the remote itself acts as a clitoral vibrator and with the easy 2 button control you can rock your way to your orgasm exactly how you please working your way through the 10 different settings it offers, with a remote control distance of up to 10 meters away there is every reason to share the fun with your lover!

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Japanese Cockrings

Do the darker evenings and cooler weather make you and your partner think of curling up under a duvet with your collection of favourite toys and naughty pictures? It’s the time of year when the summer memories of hot beach sex are fading into a golden haze, but for now there isn’t a better time of year to explore ways of enhancing pleasure and turn up the heat in the bedroom.

You might think it’s a cliché to talk weather and sex but this happy seasonal connection has been recognised for centuries in many parts of the world. Furthermore, toys have formed an important part of lovers’ bedroom repertoires for pretty much as long as people have been having sex. Nowhere is this more honestly illustrated than in Japan from the 17th century onwards, where links between the time of year, inventive and beautifully crafted sex toys, and sexual instruction were lovingly documented with a surprising modernity.

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3D printed sex toys: where technology meets the imagination to create something truly personal.

In pursuit of sexual satisfaction, everyone should have a favourite sex toy. Despite the massive choice out there, what if you want something different? Taking doing it yourself to a new level, your answer could lie in designing and 3D printing a toy which matches your exact requirements.

A technological game changer

3D printing is one of the most exciting developing technologies at the moment. There is no doubt that it will become ubiquitous as the technology improves, quality material becomes more available, and associated costs decrease.

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Rianne S Matryoshka Vibrator

This is definitely one for some quiet ‘me time’…. Enjoyed every minute (and some more) and a great tool to have in my arsenal of toys to treat and pamper myself when needed.

If you’re looking to unwind and long your way into your pleasure then this is the toy for you, with it’s feminine curves and soft touch it’s the perfect toy to enjoy and wind down with.

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Satisfyer Pro

Ok, so I fear my career may now be over, I mean how can I possibly go on to review other products after this????

So I suppose I should start with some feedback although I fear there aren’t enough words, I suppose I should make a comparison to a similar product in a similar class, maybe the Womanizer W500 as that’s supposed to be the best on the market or so I thought? I can’t, it out classes it! I suppose I should write an honest review including any negative points, I will but there are none!

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SatisfyerPro GoldClitoralStimulator