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It’s time to admit, without embarrassment, that we all use and enjoy the feeling of a good lubricant during sexual playtime. Skin gliding against skin, or favourite body part moving against a favourite toy, everything is improved by intimate lubrication. Inspired by research into organic olive oil production, I wondered what other natural plant extract was readily available.

Firstly how do we define what is a good natural lubricant? Anything which is applied to sensitive skin has to respect pH, bacterial levels, and contain nothing which could irritate delicate tissue. It has to appeal to all senses, and enhance the entire sexual experience. But most importantly it needs to be non-reactive with whichever sex toy you’re  using. This is why experts and manufacturers will recommend a water-based lube for use with silicone, latex, or other compounds.

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Anyone up for Black (latex) Friday? Cyber (sex) Monday?

Anyone up for Black (latex) Friday? Cyber (sex) Monday? In this article I explain why online is best for all your Christmas sex toy needs.

The rise of the US post-Thanksgiving online shopping extravaganza in the UK is an excellent way of taking advantage of all kind of kinky deals just in time for Christmas. After all, who wants to be schlepping around packed shops mid-December looking for the last cock (ring) in the shop?

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When modern technology met my climax !!!!! Wow Wow Wow!


Ok so I must admit I’m not exactly a whiz with this ‘modern technology’ stuff, I mean there are days I struggle with the microwave or washing machine but I am prepared to try most things and this was definitely worth a shot! Wow Wow Wow!

The Doreen Silicone G-spot Rabbit Vibrator takes talking dirty to a whole new level, it is a wireless sound activated female vibrator which responds not only to the rhythm of music, but also vibrates to your every command, sounds a little crazy to you? Wait until you experience it, crazy is just one way to put it!

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Sexpo 2016! We can’t wait ;)

Have you got your ticket for Sexpo 2016, maybe we’ll see you there?


This is most definitely one we look forward to, the entertainment here really is second to none making this more than an informative exhibition but one where we can meet, mingle with and most of all share our experiences and services with all manner of people.

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Top 100 Sex Blogs And More…..

Every year for the past four years the amazing www.kinkly.com has ran a poll of the top 100 sex blogs as well as other categories and this year’s results are in as voted by the public.

It’s so good to see so many of the people we have followed and taken inspiration from ourselves being recognised for their achievements and great work, let’s hope we can make the list next year!

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Go Hard Or Go Home?!?!?!

Never has the phrase go hard or go home been more appropriate….

So there I sat, deliberating 8 or 10, 8 or 10???? What the hell, go hard or go home right, 10 inches is was, the natural sexual greed in me awakened when faced with this huge array of dildo’s, who knew there were so many and who knew they could do so many things? Did you?

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