12 Days of Christmas Vibes

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

Rianne S Heart Vibe..

So its not a partridge in a pear tree but it is a vibrator shaped like a heart.. so you could say “Last Christmas he gave me his heart” OK.. OK.. I know thats a different Christmas song but it is kind of relevant, only I definitely wont be giving this away!!

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Impact of Legislation For Online Adult Stores

In late November there was a parliamentary debate about online pornography. ‘So what?’ you might yawn. After all there is a long held perception that porn and the web are indivisible. ‘I’m fairly sure if they took porn off the internet, there’d be only one website left, and it would be called ‘Bring back the porn!”. Yet we need to be aware what the government is doing because there are fundamental changes afoot.

It’s not the first time. Government have been threatening our sex based internet freedom for years. Since 2013 UK Internet customers are prohibited from accessing a range of sites. David Cameron oversaw the implementation of porn filters so net users had to ‘opt in’ to access certain sites. Crucially in 2014, there was a law implemented which restricts what sex acts could be seen on sex shop DVDs. And we let it happen.

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Rianne S Moon Vibe French Rose

So where do I begin with this beauty. I was sent the Rianne S Moon Vibe French Rose to try by the wonderful guys at SaucyUK, upon opening I was immediately intrigued by the beautiful and feminine design. I always wonder why some sex toys have to look so “ugly”. I LOVE the bag it comes in, pretty, discreet and practical all in one. It looks just like a make up bag meaning no one would bat an eyelid if they came across this in your sock drawer. There’s also enough room to store some lube or other toys you may not want to leave laying around. Winning so far..

So here’s what they will tell you about this product…..

Feel moonstruck with this extraordinary clitoral massager by RIANNE S. This rechargeable moon-shaped massager is made of medical grade soft silicon and has 2 powerful motors, providing you with 3 different intensities and 4 speeds. The vibe is finished off with a Champagne gold coloured trim and comes with a luxury cosmetic bag to store your vibe and beauty accessories.

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Rianne S Moon Vibe French Rose

Let’s Talk Lube

teaser category lubricants

It’s time to admit, without embarrassment, that we all use and enjoy the feeling of a good lubricant during sexual playtime. Skin gliding against skin, or favourite body part moving against a favourite toy, everything is improved by intimate lubrication. Inspired by research into organic olive oil production, I wondered what other natural plant extract was readily available.

Firstly how do we define what is a good natural lubricant? Anything which is applied to sensitive skin has to respect pH, bacterial levels, and contain nothing which could irritate delicate tissue. It has to appeal to all senses, and enhance the entire sexual experience. But most importantly it needs to be non-reactive with whichever sex toy you’re  using. This is why experts and manufacturers will recommend a water-based lube for use with silicone, latex, or other compounds.

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Anyone up for Black (latex) Friday? Cyber (sex) Monday?

Anyone up for Black (latex) Friday? Cyber (sex) Monday? In this article I explain why online is best for all your Christmas sex toy needs.

The rise of the US post-Thanksgiving online shopping extravaganza in the UK is an excellent way of taking advantage of all kind of kinky deals just in time for Christmas. After all, who wants to be schlepping around packed shops mid-December looking for the last cock (ring) in the shop?

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