Saucy story

Young Lady In Lingerie On Her Bed With A Book

Like most companies Saucy UK began because we like using the products we sell. Feeling passionate, exploring fantasies and enjoying pleasure makes a huge difference to people’s lives and we wanted to provide a place where people felt comfortable whether buying a toy for the first time or adding to an existing collection.

So, we went with our instincts and set up Saucy UK. Here we have created an exciting, fun and pleasurable place where visitors can explore products that will tickle their fancy (literally in some cases!)

We have researched the quality and safety of our products and, in many cases, their pleasurability – it’s a tough job!

We believe we have created an honest, inviting and fun way of helping you explore your sexual pleasures. We’d love to hear your views and thoughts about the products we have available and of course if you have any creative ways of getting even more pleasure from them, share your saucy secrets with us!